Seven Moments for Mothers and Children That Moved Us in 2014


December 31, 2014

2014 was a tough year for much of the world, but there were moments that lifted us up in a celebration of humanity and connection. Those are the moments that gave us strength and reminded us we are all in this together.

  1. Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi were joint winners of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize – Malala for her work in education access for children around the world and Kailash for his fight against child trafficking. These two individuals are standing up for children in critical ways.




  1. Ebola healthworkers were chosen as TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year. The deadly disease ripped through East Africa and devastated families, communities and economies alike. Many of our partners have been on the front line fighting Ebola alongside their local counterparts. We salute the work of the United Nations, International Medical Corps, Jhpiego, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, UNICEF, CARE, World Vision, UNHCR, ONE, BRAC, Partners in Health, Medic Mobile and so many others, working hard in impacted countries and here at home.



  1. ChildmortalityThe world confirmed that more children are surviving and thriving to age five and beyond. Data released in 2014 celebrated this accelerating trend for kids and gave us all a little more hope, as well as a reminder we cannot stop now.  With developments in newborn resuscitation, vaccines, improved nutrition and sanitation, more babies and children are getting a chance at a healthy life.


  1. Nigeria, the last country on the African continent yet to be free of polio, is almost there! The Center for Disease Control says there were only 6 cases of polio in 2014 and that the country is on track to completely eliminate polio.


  1. Steady progress for mothers too. The death rate for mothers from complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth is continuing to drop. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, since 1990, it’s down by 45 percent. Almost 800 women still die each day and together we can work to keep lowering this number.


  1. UN Women launched a campaign called He for She, inviting men to join women in equality and empowerment efforts for women everywhere. Actor Emma Watson gave a speech at the United Nations that had us all applauding.




  1. You joined us in the Global Moms Relay, reading and sharing stories from contributors like Annie Lennox, Monique Coleman, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Victoria Justice, Her Excellency Toyin Saraki and Arianna Huffington. Together you inspired more than 276,000 social media actions and more than 25,000 photo donations. This translated into $300,000 from Johnson & Johnson to help women and children through Girl Up, Shot@Life, and MAMA.


Take Action Challenge

GMCThankyouIt’s our bonus moment, and that moment is YOU! You moved us every time you took action on behalf of mothers and children everywhere.

Thank you for every story you’ve shared on social media; for every petition you’ve signed or call to a legislator you’ve made; for every gift with a purpose you’ve purchased and for every donation to a cause that helps bring health and happiness to moms and kids.

Happy New Year dear global moms! May 2015 bring much in the way of health, happiness and peace for you all.


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