Beating the Global Learning Crisis


January 30, 2015

Imagine you’ve finally been able to convince your husband to allow your daughter to attend school. The uniforms, books, and school fees are a sacrifice; the journey to and from school is long, hot, and dusty; but your baby is in school and you are excited for her future. Except that a few years into her education, she still can’t really read. Her teachers are well-intentioned, but they weren’t properly trained in the best methods for teaching reading and literacy. All that work, all that sacrifice – and her future is still in question. 250 million children around the world still can’t read or write by the fourth grade.



Save the Children and World Vision aim to change all that. They are tackling reading outcomes for kids in some of the world’s toughest places through their partnership with Literary Boost. So far it’s been established in key countries throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa.1.30 v2

Literacy Boost programs change how kids are taught to read and help teachers create a culture of reading both inside and outside the classroom. The programs unleash the power of literacy by getting parents and community leaders excited about playing their part, giving teachers proper training and individually assessing kids to support them at their needed level

1.30 v3Kids all over the world are falling in love with reading. As parents, we never forget the “aha!” moment for each of our children when reading starts to make sense to them. The gift of reading can shape entire lives and communities. It’s a gift that every child deserves to experience.

In fact by 2016, the World Vision and Save the Children Partnership for Literacy aims to improve the literacy skills of 1.5 million girls and boys in 15 countries. That is action worth taking.


Take Action Challenge

Watch and share the video above on how Literacy Boost works. Support Save the Children and World Vision in this critical work. And remember to read with a child you love today!



Photo 1: girl and father, courtesy of World Vision

Map: courtesy of Save the Children

Photo 2: boys reading, courtesy of Save the Children



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