Bill and Melinda Gates’ Big Bet for the World


January 22, 2015

Bill and Melinda Gates are used to making big bets on things that are important to them. Every year, they write an open letter expressing their priorities, and their 2015 Gates Annual Letter might be their biggest yet.


The co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation believe that the lives of people in developing countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history thanks to breakthroughs in health, farming, banking, and education.

“The progress we’ve seen so far is very exciting – so exciting, that we are doubling down on the bet we made 15 years ago, and picking ambitious goals for what’s possible 15 years from now.” ~ Bill and Melinda Gates

The breakthroughs they see are substantial:

  • We’ll beat many preventable and treatable diseases, which means half as many kids will die, far fewer women will die in childbirth, and people will live healthier lives
  • Africa will be able to feed itself
  • Mobile banking will help radically transform lives of people in developing countries
  • Better software will help all kids, no matter where they live, receive a world-class education

Their investments in vaccines, education, farming, nutrition and technology are a pivotal part of that progress. Here’s how just two of those innovations are saving lives and changing nations.

From vaccines…

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to girls’ education.

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The story is a significant one that the world simply has to get right to end poverty forever, and in our lifetimes. To us, that sounds like a bet worth making.


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