Talking is Teaching with Text4Baby


January 26, 2015

Can text messaging help promote early language and reading skills development for kids? The answer is YES!

1.26Text4Baby, the free mobile health information service for new and expectant moms, is excited to announce Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing, a program to deliver developmental and educational tips to parents via text message. In collaboration with Too Small to Fail and Sesame Street, Text4Baby will deliver tips on early language development to parents of babies.

Babies love to hear our voices, to see our faces up close, and to hear us singing, even if those notes aren’t the tiniest bit in tune. There are lots of easy ways to brighten your baby’s day and help grow her mind simply by talking, reading and singing to her as much as you can.

Text messaging has proven to be an easy way to give parents some of the tools they need to care for their children – with reminders for wellness visits, tips on what baby is experiencing and ideas on what to expect next.

Now, parents who have signed up for Text4Baby’s services will also automatically receive early language development messages, available in English and Spanish, beginning at their baby’s 9th week of development, and every other week from that point until their baby’s first birthday.

Sesame Street favorite Elmo talks with new mom Chelsea Clinton about how important it is to talk, sing and read to babies.

As Elmo says, “It’s not just fun, it’s educational too!”

Take Action Challenge

1.26 v2Sign up yourself or tell a mom you think might be interested in receiving Text4Baby. New parents can sign up by texting BABY (or BEBE in Spanish) to 511411. Find even more early learning tips and information at

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