Newsday Tuesday – Two Million MAMAs Get Health Messages on Their Phones


March 24, 2015

Remember the excitement of regular visits to your midwife or doctor during your pregnancy? Each time you’d learn new information about what was happening with your baby, how you should care for the two of you, preparation for birth and concerns to flag. Around the world, such access to care isn’t always available. Sometimes it’s distance, or a lack of healthcare providers, and sometimes it’s cultural concerns around going to a hospital or healthcare center. Millions of women need more information about what’s happening during pregnancy and how to better care for themselves and their child. That’s where organizations like MAMA, the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, come in.


By using weekly text messages, MAMA is able to reach moms, dads, mothers-in-law and other interested people around the world to share vital information about health for expecting mothers. Learning about nutrition for themselves and their children, how to prevent HIV transmission, why pre- and post-natal care is important and where to go to receive it, how to tell if their children need medical attention—these are all benefits received by MAMA subscribers, and the information is making big a difference. Recently MAMA reached a significant milestone in welcoming its 2 millionth subscriber. In just over two years, MAMA has proven to be one of the most successful mobile health programs in existence.

In Bangladesh, more than 95 percent of MAMA subscribers say they trust MAMA’s messages and would recommend the text service to others. MAMA’s work has been carefully evaluated and shows improvements in health outcomes because of messages helping moms know when to get certain immunizations for their children, and a host of other actions to keep themselves and their families healthy.  Governments are noticing the success, too: South Africa’s MomConnect program was the first to include MAMA’s mobile health service as part of its national healthcare system.

Teaching mothers the importance of hand washing or breastfeeding makes a significant difference in the health of families and communities everywhere. Sharing these messages through text messages is a wonderfully modern and effective way to reach moms, and we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with MAMA.

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Join us in congratulating MAMA on its success! As MAMA continues to expand, we hope you’ll spread the word about the life-saving work they do around the world by sharing this post. Got a mom who could benefit from messages right here at home in the US? Connect her to Text 4 Baby. It’s easy and free to sign up!


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