Newsday Tuesday – Earth Day Everywhere 2015


April 21, 2015

April 22nd is Earth Day, and there are so many things going on to celebrate, we couldn’t decide on just one thing to share with you!

4.21p1The Global Citizens Earth Day Rally was last Saturday in Washington, DC. The 8-hour rally, hosted by Soledad O’Brian and, brought a crowd of thousands. Performances by the likes of Mary J. Blige, Common, Gwen Stefani, Usher, and Fall Out Boy had attendees dancing, but more importantly, people in the crowd were educated, and committed to making environmentally-friendly ‘Acts of Green.’ Catch up on what happened here.

Don’t have time to plant a tree? Care2 shares 7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Without Planting a Tree. Family-friendly options include Cooking Real Food from scratch, and Cleaning Out Closets and Drawers. These practical applications provide great opportunities to teach kids simple ways they can contribute to a cleaner world.

Earth Day events are being held in cities around the country, including Atlanta, Cincinnati, Portland, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. Visit’s Events Page to find an event near you.

President Obama will visit the Everglades to talk about Climate Change and discuss the impact of National Parks on local economies. Look for the story from USA Today.4.21p2

Even Angry Birds are celebrating! The New York Daily News reports that the creators of Angry Birds are set to release an Earth Day level in the game, which will be available tomorrow. Developers also have plans to release an in-game experience about Climate Change in September to coincide with the UN General Assembly.

Take Action Challenge

How will you celebrate Earth Day? How will you get involved with your kids? Please let us know on our Facebook page so more people can know how you’re celebrating Earth in your corner of it!

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