Every Mother Counts: Birth in America

By Global Moms Challenge

August 20, 2015

Each mother’s birth story is unique and special. When we think of women not being able to access healthcare or experiencing complications, especially during childbirth, our first thoughts might be – this only happens in a far-off land or remote areas. You may be surprised to learn that the United States ranks only 60th worldwide in terms of healthy outcomes for pregnancy and childbirth, and that we lose two women every day here in the U.S. from complications around labor and delivery.

Every Mother Counts Christy Turlington Burns

You probably recognize Christy Turlington Burns as a supermodel, but she is also a key voice raising awareness and funds to protect mothers in pregnancy and childbirth. Turlington Burns founded one of our partner organizations, Every Mother Counts, a non-profit working towards making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother around the world.

At the BlogHer Conference in July of this year, Turlington Burns shared a sneak preview of ‘Giving Birth in America,’ the first of a three-part short film series of the same name. The films take a close look at why the United States is falling so far behind in this area, and the challenges some women in the U.S. face when they need prenatal healthcare.

As reported to Bustle, Turlington Burns explains, “The films explore issues like race, poverty, over and under-use of medical interventions and other inequities that impact maternal healthcare. It focuses on a variety of individual women and providers in Montana, Florida, and New York as they navigate these challenges to give birth safely.”

The series showcases women’s lack of access to skilled and compassionate healthcare providers, and the lack of financial resources – with many mothers unable to pay for medical insurance. Medical malpractice insurance coverage is really important from financial point of view as well. Layered on top of those realities are healthcare provider challenges, with mounting pressures from insurance companies. The film offers solutions like greater access to midwives and doula services, and more complete prenatal education for all women.

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Watch and share the above trailer and check out Every Mother Counts on Facebook and Twitter for the complete film series. Did you receive good healthcare for your pregnancy? Were you worried about giving birth? Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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