Share Your Humanity

By Jenny Noonan

August 14, 2015

World Humanitarian Day is next week on August 19. It’s a day to tell stories of survival, of trauma, of enormous challenge and always, of hope.  Back in 2003, also on August 19, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad, which is why we commemorate this time of year. It’s a day to pay tribute to all people affected by humanitarian crises and those who lost their lives in humanitarian service. It’s a day to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.

WHD rescue

As the world becomes a more and more volatile place, this has never been more important. Our sense of responsibility helps us realize our part in a global community. Together we stand in solidarity against conflict, torture, disease, famine, suffering and the poor leadership that often turns a blind eye.

This year celebrities, social media influencers and people just like us have the opportunity to donate their Facebook and Twitter feeds to tell someone else’s story.

For example, Australian singing superstar Cody Simpson, donated his Twitter feed to a Syrian refugee. Through a series of tweets, Cody’s 7.5 million followers heard instead from Thair Orfahli, showing moments from his journey from Syria to Germany, through Lebanon, Egypt, Italy and Austria.

WHD Thair Orfahli

You can do the same thing – on Facebook, Twitter or both, by simply clicking on “Donate Your Feed” on the World Humanitarian Day website.

Take Action Challenge

We can all use our voices to participate in World Humanitarian Day and let someone else’s story shine through on our platforms. Go to and sign up today to donate your social media feed. On August 19 we will flood social media with some incredible stories of people like Thair and Khaled and Somara and so many others. Use the hashtag #ShareHumanity to share and listen to stories of inspiration and the strength of the human spirit.

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