A Prayer for Everyone

By Global Moms Challenge

September 16, 2015

Whether it’s a prayer, a few moments of meditation, or simply time for reflection, many of us find great value in taking a break to connect with our spiritual selves. These moments can help us focus our thoughts, and make more deliberate decisions about where to best direct our energy.

We’re joining our partners at the ONE campaign and many others to invite those who are so inclined, to participate in an idea that takes the power of prayer, meditation and reflection to focus on the world’s big decisions and how we should best direct our collective energy. It’s called a Prayer for Everyone.


A Prayer for Everyone aims to engage faith communities in a worldwide prayer and thoughtful reflection effort over seven days from September 24 to October 1, 2015, to pray for the global goals. Our respective faith groups can play a critical role in spreading the word about the global goals, and many people will be reached as we are thoughtful about how to best support the global goals in thought and action.

The issues addressed by the global goals are central to traditions of faith, religion, and spirituality, which are shared expressions of humanity:

  • The right to live a life of dignity, free from hunger and disease
  • The right of all people to live to their fullest human potential, in safety and well-being
  • Protection of the integrity of creation and our resources for current and future generations
  • The shared responsibility to work together so that expressions of faith and spirituality contribute to more sustainable development for the whole planet

Exactly how a Prayer for Everyone is carried out is left up to local groups, congregations, and us as individuals.

Take Action Challenge

Is prayer and meditation a part of your life? Share this information with your prayer or study groups, and be mindful of the global goals in your personal reflections, devotionals, and meditations. Get ideas and learn more at www.prayerforeveryone.org.

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