Newsday Tuesday – All Kids Should Dream

By Global Moms Challenge

September 15, 2015

As moms it’s only natural for us to want the best for our kids. As our kids get older and begin to have their own dreams we want to support them and see them succeed, no matter the odds or obstacles to overcome.

Mekfah, a top student and lover of football (soccer) from Bangkok, recently got to live out one of his dreams: he traveled to Kuala Lumpur to meet the world famous Liverpool Football Club during their game against the Malaysia XI team.


The Maylay Mail Online shares details of Mekfah’s journey, captured in a short film called All Kids Should Dream. The film is part of the global goals campaign, focusing on goal #1, Zero Poverty. No matter what your dreams may be, poverty should not be an obstacle.


The video shows Mekfah’s journey from home in Bangkok right by the railway tracks, to his experience on the football field on his first overseas adventure. Mekfah tells his owns story and it is sheer joy to see his delight unfold.

Jordan Henderson of the Liverpool Football Club says, “It was an honor to share that experience with Mekfah and with the help of the global goals, more kids around the world will be able to pursue their passion.”

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