Selfies, Getting Dizzy, Talking Llamas, and the #globalgoals

By Global Moms Challenge

September 22, 2015

What’s the best way to send a message? A picture? A clever video? A new song, or maybe a message from professional athletes?

When it comes to the global goals, the most important thing right now is to talk, to share, to tell everyone what the goals are and why we need to know about them.

Big palm made out of walking people

An article from NPR called The U.N. Wants You To Take A Selfie, Spin Around, Listen To A Llama gives several examples of different and creative media campaigns aimed at spreading the word about the global goals. Project Everyone is working to reach as many people as possible through a variety of visual and audio projects.

Mark Woods, head of social media at Project Everyone, explains, “To get to different people, time zones and parts of the world, we’ve got to have different methods, [a]nd digital makes things more possible than ever.”

Love being on Instagram? Mindy Kaling, John Legend, Kate Winslet and other celebrities have been posting selfies with the global goal they’re most passionate about. Do you have a sports fan in your life? They might like watching a video of soccer stars spin until they’re dizzy, then attempt to score a soccer goal, all while talking about reaching the global goals. If new music is your thing, check out Africa’s first crowd-sourced song, ‘Tell Everybody.’ And, yes, there will be a video of an animated, talking llama explaining the global goals, but we have to wait until September 25 to see that one.

Take Action Challenge

Read the NPR article, then tell everyone! Which of the videos is your favorite? Or maybe a selfie is more your style. Share it on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #globalgoals. Remember, according to Project Everyone: “The more famous these global goals are, and the more widely they are understood by everyone, the more politicians will take them seriously, finance them properly, refer to them frequently and make them work.”

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