Talking Gender Equality #2030NOW

By Global Moms Challenge

September 30, 2015

Goal 5 in the new global goals, is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. What does that mean to you? To shed light on the subject, actress Freida Pinto and Amber Kahn from Women for Women International joined in a discussion called “Are We All Feminists?”

Pinto began: “Why am I a Feminist? Because no one as of 2015 has come up with a reason I shouldn’t support equal rights!”

Freida Pinto with Amber Khan

She went on to say that when we talk about women’s rights, girls’ rights, education and gender equality, we forget that we are talking about the human race. What happens to women does absolutely affect men; that’s why men must also be part of the conversation.

Gender equality is a human fight. It is not just a women’s fight. We need to learn to raise each other up – men, women, boys, and girls. To change attitudes and behaviors among men is essential, because it turns into support and encouragement from those same men to send their daughters to school and start conversations around gender equality.

Global Goal 5 Gender EqualityKahn agreed: “We cannot move forward alone as women. That’s not what the future looks like.” Women for Women International started with recognition of women survivors in conflict. She Inspires Me is a campaign full of stories about female survivors in conflict zones.

When women can find a safe space and learn about their rights…they go home and share what they’ve learned.

Moms can take notes from this important discussion. We can share what we’ve learned, what we keep learning, about taking a stand for our rights. It’s important to educate the men we know to be part of gender equality issues, not just bystanders. At the same time, we must empower the young girls and women in our lives through education, encouragement, and opportunity.

It all starts with us. As Kahn told the audience, “The biggest feminist in my house is my husband… and I see that translating in the way my boys think.”

Take Action Challenge

How about you? What does equality mean to you? Watch the whole conversation hosted by Stacy Martinet from Mashable, below, and let us know your thoughts.

Photo credit: Stuart Ramson / UN Foundation


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