The Opportunity of a Generation

By Global Moms Challenge

September 24, 2015

Parents everywhere want the same things for their kids: not just the chance to get by, but to get ahead. The global goals aren’t just about preventing disease, death, and poverty, but ensuring everyone can lead a better life.

2015 is an unprecedented time for changing the course of history on this planet. By coming together around the global goals, we can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation to fight inequality, and the last generation to address climate change.

The time is NOW to act, to spread the word, and to let leaders know we expect them to follow through with these goals. World leaders will meet next week, and again in December, to make critical decisions about moving forward with these goals.

Three peoples hands and arms forming a triangle

One way to make your voice heard is to become involved with action/2015, a coalition of over 2,000 organizations worldwide committed to fighting for a better future. They invite everyone to share a photo with the hashtag #LightTheWay to show their support for calling on world leaders to take action in making decisions for a better world.

We know the goals work because we’ve seen incredible progress in the past 15 years.

These are the people’s goals—your goals, our goals—and everyone has a role to play to turn the goals from ideas on paper to reality in practice.

Take Action Challenge

The new global goals are absolutely achievable, but they’re only inevitable if we act. Everyone can do something.

Make sure your leaders know you (and the rest of the world) are expecting them to deliver!

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