Newsday Tuesday: 5 Lives the World Wants to Change

By Global Moms Challenge

October 20, 2015

Gift Charles is a 10-year old boy in Malawi. Pamela Lizeth Hernandez Viviano is eleven and lives just outside Mexico City.

What could these two possibly have in common? They’re two of the five children being profiled over the next 15 years, personal examples of how the global goals will affect the lives of children living in poverty.

bbc 5 children

The BBC has provided a brief biography and short video for each of the children. They are:

  • Gift Charles, 10, from Gomani, Malawi
  • Pamela Lizeth Hernandez Viviano, 11, from Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico
  • Farzana Usman, 13, from Karachi, Pakistan
  • Taina, 9, from Ytwacu, an indigenous village in the Brazilian rainforest
  • Volodya Khomutovskyi, 11, from Yabluneve, Ukraine

Each child has, and lives in, circumstances that could – and should – improve as the Sustainable Development Goals are tackled within their countries.

BBC Pamela Mexico

The potential for improvement with the implementation of the global goals reaches to those living in extreme poverty and facing limits in their access to education. Despite these challenges, each child also has clear dreams for what they want in the future, for themselves and for the world.

Take Action Challenge

Check out this story from BBC and watch the accompanying brief videos to get to know each of the children. You’ll learn a little bit about who they are and the circumstances in which they live. We are really looking forward to following them over the next 15 years to see how their lives improve as together we work toward the #globalgoals!

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