5 Wishes for Moms and Kids in 2016


December 28, 2015

There were many special moments for moms and babies in 2015 – and the good news has us feeling excited about 2016 as a banner year for even more progress.

Here’s a list of our top five wishes for moms and babies in the year ahead:


Mobilize more mothers around the world to create change

The Global Moms Relay mobilizes mothers and others around the world to make women and children’s health issues a top priority and to raise money for programs that support UN efforts to improve the lives of women and children. Last year, we raised $325,000 for four causes that help women and children around the world lead happier, healthier lives, with the support of celebrities and experts like Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Rosie Pope and Jaha Dukureh. All social media actions shared from just before Mother’s Day to Father’s Day were matched with a $1 donation to the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), Shot@Life, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and  Girl Up by Johnson & Johnson.

We are excited to find new and creative ways to connect our community around the world, whether it is through the  or interacting more with each other on our social media channels. We would love if you’d join us!

Raise the standard of health for all women and children

Every Woman Every Child, the UN Secretary-General’s special initiative, launched a new Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health, building from the original strategy from 2010. With $25 billion in commitments to end preventable deaths and ensure the well-being of women, children and youth, these groups are firmly at the heart of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our wish is for the new global strategy to receive full support and as is approved and implemented in 2016 and beyond. Highlights of what’s most important are here – with the aim that women, kids and young people can survive, thrive and transform.

Learn about each other and how we mother around the world

There are some incredible moms taking action to change the world, and we told a few of these stories in our Global Moms in Action series. From Dr. Susan E. Pacheco, an Associate Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center specializing in pediatric asthma, allergy, and immunology, working to create action on climate change to Leticia Barr, a mom working to increase awareness for post-earthquake Haitian artists and entrepreneurs, we were proud to share their stories and words of wisdom.

Our wish is to promote more of this amazing work! Want to nominate an empowering mother? Email us at info@globalmomschallenge.org.

Raise our voices about the significance of the global goals

This year, our world’s nations entered a new phase of development underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This new agenda presented a historic opportunity to advance the rights and well being of every mom and child, especially the most disadvantaged, and secure a healthier planet.


Our wish is to raise greater awareness about these goals, from ending poverty and malnutrition to achieving gender equality to aiming to ensure that education is accessible to all children, whether girl, boy, disabled, indigenous or living in a vulnerable situation. It’s time to raise our voices even louder!

Advocate for Refugees

While it’s impossible for us personally to resolve the global refugee crisis, there is plenty we can do to help.  There are many well-established organizations helping the thousands of migrants flooding into Europe, most of who are fleeing violence in Syria and Afghanistan or the brutal oppression of Eritrea’s dictatorship.

Our wish is to help these people, and of course we must work together to do this. You can help families and children by donating to some of our partners doing critical work like UNHCRUNICEF, and Save the Children.

Take Action Challenge

Share your wish for moms and children everywhere below. Make sure to tell a friend about this article or post it on your Facebook page so more global moms can come together.

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