Newsday Tuesday – The Global Goals: So What’s Next?


December 29, 2015

Now that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or global goals, have been approved it’s time to implement. But how do we do that?

To begin, we need to connect ordinary people like us, to the goals.

When people understand the reach of the global goals, and understand the importance of being involved, we can start to make progress together. Part of this process is helping individuals see how the decisions they make will affect achievement of the goals.

An article from The Guardian focuses on specifically how businesses can affect ground-level involvement in achieving the SDGs. The article mentions findings from a report put together by the SDG fund with Harvard’s Kennedy School and Business Fights Poverty, called Business and the United Nations. The report focuses on the positive impacts businesses can have by strategizing, innovating, and engaging in advocacy to our politicians.

By involving businesses at every level, individuals are also involved as employees or customers.

By involving businesses at every level, individuals are also involved perhaps as employees or customers. The report is one of the first steps in building truly global involvement for things like promoting access to affordable goods and services, and driving up internet connectivity. The possibilities and potential for all of our involvement are vast.

In this video from devex, Bience Gawanas, special adviser to Namibia’s minister of health and social services, talks frankly about the challenges and benefits of connecting people with the #globalgoals, and why NOW is the time to act:

Take Action Challenge

Now is the time for action, not just from the top down but also from the ground up! Individuals making changes will make a difference. What can you do? Which of the global goals are you most passionate about supporting? What can you do in your family, in your community, to implement and support change for long-term success? For further information, please see the full articles from devex and from The Guardian. For a reminder of all 17 goals, remember to go to

Photo at the top UN Photo/Mark Garten

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