Our Children Have the Power to Change the World


February 9, 2016

No discussion about shaping future governments would be complete without talking about two things: the Sustainable Development Goals and young people. – Kathy Calvin, President of the UN Foundation addressing the World Government Summit

Some days it can be difficult to image your kids as anything other than inexperienced, especially during stressful weeks or while driving a car full of whiny voices to soccer practice. Then there are other days when their creativity and strength can inspire you beyond the imaginable; a reminder that our world can change for the better.


Kathy Calvin (left) and Achie addressing the crowd at the World Government Summit.

This week, during the World Government Summit, world leaders are urging that governments empower our young people and arm them with the resources they need to help inspire a creative solutions for some of our most pressing challenges. They recognize that they alone cannot solve these problems, that only together can we confront the global goals.

During a keynote address, Kathy Calvin, president of the United Nations Foundation, celebrated the ratification of the global goals in September and urged governments to empower their young people. She then invited a girl leader from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to join her onstage to speak about what youth want for the future.

Achie is a teenager and a champion for girls with Let Girls Lead. She bravely addressed the crowded room to show by example why young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow; they are the leaders of today.

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“I see no better alternative, nothing more sustainable, than investing in girls,” Achie explained in support of youth empowerment.

The purpose of the World Government Summit is to discuss our failures and successes under past governments to build better processes and make more informed decisions in the future. From the various panel discussion and presentations, one theme is clear: In order for us to move forward successfully, we must all engage in the global goals and empower our young people to help develop creative solutions.

Take Action Challenge

Watch this new video of young people talking about what government means to them, share it with friends, and show your kids. Get your family involved in the conversation and ask them what government means to them.

You can also teach your kids about the global goals using this resource from the United Nations.

Lead photo is of the +SocialGood advisors and connectors at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Follow their journey so far on Storify

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