How Sharing an Article Can Make a Difference

By Angie McPherson

April 29, 2016

By now, you’re likely familiar with sharing articles on social media. But have you ever shared a post with the intention of helping another family through a crisis? That’s the idea behind the Global Moms Relay.

[Watch] What do you wish were true for every child, everywhere? We asked the Global Moms community to chime in. Here’s what they had to say.

The Global Moms Relay is an online campaign that runs from May 4 – June 17. The purpose is to start conversations about global issues that are impacting families, such as the humanitarian crisis, preventable deaths of children and mothers, and life-threatening diseases.

Every time you share an article from the Global Moms Relay, we keep track! We count every like, share, tweet, retweet, or comment on each of the posts. On June 17, we’ll add up all your social media actions and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 for every social media action, up to $350,000.

Why is it important to share articles?

For us to address many of the world’s problems — such as poverty, sustainability, education, and inequality — it will take a cultural shift. The only way to do that is through sharing ideas and opinions.

When you share a story on social media, that idea is seen and considered by people in your social media circles. The more we talk about global issues, the more people think and discuss the broader issues impacting the planet; and the more these ideas can be implemented into our everyday lives.


Where will the donated the money go?

To help support families in need around the world. This year Johnson & Johnson will support five cause partners that are helping children, girls and families: [email protected], Girl Up, UNICEF, Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, and Nothing But Nets.

Take Action Today

1. Share this article to help raise awareness of our upcoming Global Moms Relay.
2. Help kickoff the campaign at the Moms +SocialGood event on May 5, in person or via the Livestream.
3. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out which actions you can take to help support the campaign that week.
4. Download the Donate a Photo mobile app to help raise money for our cause partners when you upload a photo.
5. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest stories from the Global Moms Relay.

Share an article. Make a difference. Help support Global Moms Relay.

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