How You Can Support World Immunization Week

By Jenny Noonan

April 27, 2016

Being a mom in the United States, it can be easy to forget how little we have to do to get our children the medicine they need: we get in our cars, drive to the doctor, maybe stop at the pharmacy on the way home, all in the span of a few hours at most. Not so for many mothers around the world whose access to life-saving vaccines is not only limited, but who also must travel an entire day or more with their children to reach the clinic or health center.

[email protected] supports the United Nations’ efforts to provide global childhood vaccines. They work with volunteers and partners in working to get life-saving vaccines to the world’s hardest-to-reach children. Through education, advocacy, and fundraising, [email protected] strives to decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give every child a shot at a healthy life.

Immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective methods to ensure children have the chance to survive into adulthood. Every year immunization saves 2 to 3 million lives. If global immunization coverage improved, 1.5 million more lives could be saved. [email protected] is working to ‘Close the Immunization Gap,’ and achieve worldwide vaccination goals by 2020.

Watch: This video from [email protected] It follows the journey of the vaccine and of the recipient in a remote village in Haiti.


Take Action Challenge

Get to know the work [email protected] does, not just during World Immunization Week, but throughout the year! Read what one woman learned traveling to Haiti with [email protected]. Participate in online conversations with the hashtag #VaccinesWork. You can follow [email protected] on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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