Call Your Shot with Stephen Curry and Nothing But Nets


April 25, 2016

Nothing But Nets champion and current hottest-thing-on-the-basketball-court Stephen Curry has issued a challenge: film yourself making your version of a trick shot (any sport, not just basketball), share it with the hashtag #CallYourShot, make a donation at to fight malaria. Then challenge your friends to do the same!


The Golden State Warriors guard recently broke his own three-pointer record: 402 for the season (last season’s record was 286). As a four-year Nothing But Nets champion, Curry sends three insecticide-treated mosquito nets to sub-Saharan Africa for each three-pointer he makes (3,663 nets total over the past four seasons).

Malaria is a leading killer of children on the African continent, where there are ten new cases of malaria every second. It is a disease caused by a blood parasite and transmitted by mosquitoes. For a family in a malaria hot spot, a net can mean the difference between life and death. Sending bed nets through Nothing But Nets is an easy way to help save lives.

Refugees are also helped by these efforts. UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) and Nothing But Nets have worked together for over 6 years to send 1,000,000 bed nets to refugees across Africa. In part because of these efforts, malaria has dropped from being the leading killer of refugees worldwide, to fifth. Wherever nets are in the greatest need, Nothing But Nets sends them.

Take Action Challenge

It’s time to #CallYourShot! Make and share your own video of scoring a trick shot, and call out your friends to do the same. Basketball not your thing? That’s okay! Get creative and join the effort to #EndMalaria!

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