World Water Week: Clean Water Is Worth Celebrating

By Amy DiElsi

August 30, 2016

This morning I woke up, and through teary-eyes, waved my daughter goodbye on her first day of kindergarten. Her first day was a success, but — as today also the first day of World Water Week — I’m thinking of many children around the world who attend a school without access to clean water for drinking, washing, toilets and basic hygiene.

2016-08-28 12.58.34This week is an important one for many families because they are sending their children back to school. My social media pages are filled with pictures of smiling children (and parents) excited to meet their teachers and see their friends. Some girls cannot even go to school because they have to walk miles with women in their communities to retrieve water for their families. As this short video from UN Water said, often this job is not paid or recognized.

World Water Week is a week to highlight the progress the world has made towards clean water.

In support of World Water Week, the United Nations Foundation has partnered with Every Woman Every Child and other organizations to launch the WASH4Work campaign; an effort to help engage individuals to take action and ensure that employees and communities can benefit from access to clean water sources.

World Water Week also coincides with an annual global meeting of scientists and clean water advocates in Stockholm, Sweden and the theme for this year is Water for Sustainable Growth. Better water means better jobs. You can learn more about World Water Week and how to get involved on the EWECisMe website.


Take action:

Help raise awareness of clean water on social media using these two hashtags: #WWWeek and #Wash4Work.

Sample Tweet: This week is #WWWeek. Learn about the importance of water & development. #Wash4Work @UnfEWEC

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Lead photo of a woman from Pune, Timor-Leste, collecting water for her home. Photo courtesy UN Photo/Martine Perret

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