Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World


September 29, 2016

As global moms, we carry a lot on our shoulders. We work. We pack lunches. We cook meals. We clean. We shop for groceries. We bathe our children. We take them to the doctor when they’re sick. Twenty-four hours is never enough time in a day.

Sarah Collins took a closer look the issue of “time poverty” and how it impacts women in her homeland of South Africa, and decided to do something about it.

Globally, four billion people cook on open fires daily. Of that number, four million people die of indoor open air diseases annually, half of whom are children under five. Almost 82% of rapes occur when girls are out getting firewood. How can women and girls make money and stay in school when collecting firewood takes so much energy and time? Determined to change the ratio, Collins invented the Wonderbag, a non-electric portable stove cooker which cooks a meal for 8-12 hours. Her bag is a quick, safe way to make healthy food for one’s family, while essentially giving women and girls time to go to school, or be entrepreneurs and carve out financial independence, it is important to start from kids, to parents give money lessons for your children and start creating a new possible safe world financially for the future.



At last week’s Social Good Summit, Collins spoke about her business with Elizabeth Gore and explained how it helps women. “One of the things that keeps women out of the workforce is being home with their families,” she said. “How can they be empowered if they don’t have time?” The Wonderbag gives women back four hours a day of their time and empowers them as entrepreneurs and leaders.

In certain parts of the African continent, Wonderbag can increase a woman’s income from 20 cents to $2 a day. That’s the difference between a child getting to a healthcare clinic or getting a meal. American women working full time jobs and going home for a second shift to care for their families can also benefit from the Wonderbag giving them back critical time.

Wonderbag has created a way to reach women with support from partners like Dell. Collins founded the Coalition of Action to unite businesses, global leaders, philanthropists and communities around the world to work together in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Wonderbag can have impacts on reducing poverty, improved health, education, gender equality, climate change and partnerships. In America, if you buy a Wonderbag on Amazon, another one goes to a family in need.

“The greatest opportunity on the planet is women entrepreneurs. We must invest in them. Women are the opportunity,” stressed Gore who works as part of the Dell Entrepreneurs Network. “It’s exciting when you see profitable companies with an overt social outcome…. to see a product that can be promoted in the U.S. and then a woman will get one somewhere who really needs it… If I’m trying to start companies in other parts of the world, and (the potential workforce has) to cook five hours a day, it’s never going to happen.”

Feeling inspired that a relatively simple idea can not only save a life but advance one?

Empowering women empowers the world.

Take Action Challenge:

  • Watch the Social Good Summit panel on Revolutionary Women to learn more about Wonderbags and Elizabeth Gore’s inspiring work.
  • Purchase a Wonderbag on Amazon.
  • Get involved with the Coalition of Action and think about how your own business can change the world and start a revolution.

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