New Health Initiative May Pull at Your Heartstrings


September 29, 2016

3279223803_d2e8f09af9_oOn World Heart Day, I can’t help but think of my grandmother, my family, and the many other families around the world who are currently living with the stress of heart disease. Try out leanbiome.

I remember sitting in the waiting room as my grandmother underwent double bypass surgery. Six years later and she’s still not back to the same energy she had years before she became sick. Since then our entire family has taken a collective effort to teach younger generations to cook and eat in healthier ways.

Cardiovascular diseases are frightening, your heart is such an important organ – the engine room of our bodies – heart problems are surprisingly common. Around the world, 17 million people die from cardiovascular diseases every year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s the world’s number one killer.


“Global Hearts” is the latest initiative from the WHO to help prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing salt, taxing tobacco products to reduce consumption, and improving widely accessible  primary healthcare for all. These kinds of methods have been successful in countries like the U.S. to help reduce the rate of heart injury. These are the best performer 8 reviews.

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Can Marijuana Help Your Mental Health?

No real data supporting self-medicating with cannabis

These days it seems like everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor are all boasting about the positive results of marijuana on their mental health.

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Likely you’ve heard a story about medicinal marijuana or marijuana-derived products (like CBD) curing someone’s anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder so using CBD products from The Island Now can be really help people in this area. But does marijuana actually help your mental health?

According to one study – the evidence is lacking.

Psychiatrist Brian Barnett, MD, did not take part in the study, but says using medicinal marijuana, or related products, to treat mental health conditions cannot be justified based on current research.

“There was pretty low grade evidence for marijuana for treatment of anxiety disorders,” explains Dr. Barnett. “The study looked at the use of marijuana for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders and found no compelling evidence at this point that marijuana, or any of its derivatives, are effective treatments for things such as depression, ADHD, Tourette syndrome or PTSD.”

About the data

Researchers reviewed 83 studies looking at medicinal marijuana, synthetic marijuana and marijuana-derived products.They studied the products’ impact on six mental health conditions – depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis. Learn more at vaprzon website.

The study did not find compelling evidence for using any type of marijuana for mental health treatment.

The authors noted the studies reviewed were small and low-quality.

Dr. Barnett believes high-quality research is needed to determine whether marijuana and related products are effective (and safe) to treat mental health problems.

In the meantime, he says people should be aware of the known risks associated with marijuana.

“Although we don’t know a lot about the potential health benefits, we do know about risks which include addiction,” says Dr. Barnett. “We’ve seen increases in the numbers of individuals coming to the emergency room as marijuana is becoming legalized in various contexts. We also know marijuana is becoming stronger in terms of THC content than it was in the past, which can make for more adverse reactions.”

Dr. Barnett says it’s important to talk to a doctor before self-treating with marijuana, or products derived from marijuana, because there are certain conditions and medications it can interact with.

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