The Power of a Mom’s Voice


September 30, 2016

Hi, everyone, I’m Holly Rosen Fink. I’ve been a supporter of Global Moms Challenge for a long time, and I’m absolutely over the moon to be here.

Holly Rosen FinkAs a mom of two, it has been really important to me to teach my children, ages 11 and 13, a sense of empathy, since they were born.  When they were babies, I volunteered at the local aged care center and took them with me. We’d sit in the middle of a room full of senior citizens who were very happy to watch two toddlers play with just about anything they got their hands on. Their gratitude was immense and very real.

Being a mother has been wonderful for me, but as we all know, it’s a role that brings massive changes into a woman’s life.  It’s important to remember that many women around the world suffer in ways that are hard to comprehend and they need safe spaces to share their concerns.

Almost seven years ago, I started a blog and quickly learned that I had a voice. After I built up a community of women, I started to share topics of most interest to me, which included equal pay, education for all, gender equality, health care for mothers, poverty, human rights, hunger, women in prison and pediatric cancer. I saw a conversation develop that became much more and led to real, concrete actions. With the help of my community, I was able to raise $25,000 for children with cancer at St. Jude Hospital. We later collected money for victims of Hurricane Sandy that directly put food and other necessities into the hands of mothers. After the earthquake in Haiti, we helped women in Haiti who needed amputations as a result of the natural disaster.

Holly Rosen Fink

Having an idea or a passion, and being able to pursue it and get others involved in our efforts, is powerful. There is strength in being a collective and Global Moms Challenge has the interests of moms all around the world at our

Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single momentbefore starting to improve the world.”

For me, as I have learned with my own platform, Global Moms Challenge is about using our voices, hearing those voices and really creating change. I’m so glad to be a part of it.

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