What Do You Really, Really Want By the Year 2030?

By Angie McPherson

October 13, 2016

In a small village in Malawi, a teenage girl took a chance and helped changed the world. Memory Banda saw girls her age subjected violence and decided to take a stand against child marriage.

“I hope that girls all over the world will be able to speak with one voice … And stand up for our rights,” she said during her speech at the Social Good Summit.

Her efforts to raise awareness made a huge difference. Under the guidance of an organization called Rise Up, Memory along with 60 other girls were able to convince local chiefs to write by-laws to protect more than four million girls.

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Her stance is an example of how one voice can make a difference. Memory wanted to live in a world free of child marriage. She was able to take charge and raise awareness with other organizations that cared about ending child marriage.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or the global goals, provides a framework of action for organizations and individuals to call attention to the leading issues around the world, and to help solve them together.

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Take Action Challenge

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