Global Moms Share Their Health Wishes for 2017

By Holly Rosen Fink

November 28, 2016

As we begin the holiday season, we are thinking of children and women around the world. To share inspiration, we asked some of our global moms to tell us about their global health wish for 2017, and here’s what a few had to say:

“My wish moving into 2017 is for women all over the world to have easy access to resources for physical health, as well as mental wellness. I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel safe and confident in order to lead a happy life for themselves and their families. Mind, body and spirit all in check so they can make smart, heartfelt decisions for their futures! I also would love to see people from all ages, cultures and geographical locations to unite in the vision of respect for all women to experience a healthy pregnancy and a joyful birth! The end goal? A healthy and strong human being who will grow up to be a force of good in our world, something we will all benefit from!” – Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica


“I only get one wish for global health? … my top wish would be for health advocates to bolster their efforts and support, for healthy living and (illness) preventionto work on a future where mothers and children no longer have to fear deadly and devastating diseases. By invigorating global health activists, we can continue to move from treating disease toward preventing disease, and maintaining health and wellness for women and children around the world.”  To maintain your optimal physical and emotional wellbeing red zone supplements helps you .


“For the year ahead, I hope that pregnant women around the world will have access to sufficient health care during their pregnancies, deliveries, and after, so that they and their children have the same good outcome so many of us take for granted.” – Anne Parris, Midlife Boulevard


“My wish for the global health of women and children in 2017 is that socio-economics no longer play a factor (in health levels). Health shouldn’t be a financial or societal issue. Every human has the right to live a healthy life, and be provided with the help they need to attain this. Women and children have constantly been on the back burner of global health, even though many are in agreement that these two groups are essential to the betterment of our world. Let’s fight for health this coming year.” – Amiyrah Martin, 4 Hats and Frugal


“The health crisis for women and children around the globe touches each of us. I’m fortunate to have family members who have spent their professional lives working to eradicate disease, not just for American women and children, but for those who love everywhere in the world. I wish for their work to end AIDS to continue. I support the initiatives from the business and medical communities to seek an end to horrible diseases like malaria. I want pregnant women to learn about their bodies so they are the first to recognize if there is a problem. I want young girls to know the truth about menstruation so they’re not afraid of their own bodies. Young boys and girls should be able to explore and learn without fear of contracting a deadly disease from the soil or water. Women around the globe continue to prove they are capable, intelligent, and at the forefront of providing the best care to their families. I wish that we would give women and children, especially girls, the education and resources they need to help keep themselves, their families, and their communities healthy.” – Sara Hawkins, Saving for Someday


“If I had only one wish, it would be that every mother has access to the same high level of safe and effective healthcare that would ensure a good start for both them and their children. If we truly believe children are our future, then maternal and infant health should be a priority for everyone.” – Cristie Ritz King,


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