Let’s Celebrate Diversity on International Migrants Day

By Holly Rosen Fink

December 18, 2016

“On this International Migrants Day, I call on the international community to act on the global compact on safe, regular and orderly migration as an important contribution to building a world of peace, prosperity, dignity and opportunity for all.” — Former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

Today is International Migrants Day, a day where the international community recognizes and celebrates the rights of migrants, as well as refugees, around the world. This is a day when we can express our support and solidarity with all migrants, many of whom are women and children.

Mixed with elements of unforeseeability, emergency, and complexity, there are many challenges and difficulties that women and children face as migrants and refugees. From exploitation and danger to a risk of physical and sexual violence, they encounter high levels of vulnerability. The threat of gender-based violence and the high economic costs of migration can also lead to migrant girls being forced into early marriage, missing out on educational opportunities.

The “i am a migrant” campaign is a platform for personal stories of migrants that challenges stereotypes and hate speech. It gives migrants a human face. Here are a few examples we love:



These stories are so important. Read each one and celebrate diversity!

Take action challenge:

  • Write down your story and upload it together with your picture or ask migrants about their personal story, record and submit it to iamamigrant.org.
  • Ask your local and state government representatives and bodies to recognize International Migrants Day with resolutions and declarations of support.
  • Spread the word using hash tag #InternationalMigrantsDay!

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