Our 2017 Promise For Families Everywhere

By Chrysula Winegar

January 5, 2017

Dear Global Moms and all those who love and support them,

I love the sense of freshness the start of a new year brings. There is the hope of a clean page in the diary, the positive intentions of new goals or revitalized old ones, and the chance to reimagine progress towards our dreams. So it is for the world – with just over a year of progress to report towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed upon by 193 member countries at the United Nations, with input from citizens around the globe.

These goals provide us all with a north star – a direction and framework that has the potential to pull millions out of poverty, address the impacts of climate change and create a more equal world for everyone.

As part of the Global Moms Challenge family, you are an essential player in reaching those goals. We know that our elected leaders care about what we think. We know that when enough of us speak out on an issue, they must listen. We know that many important causes supporting healthy and happy families and planet need our voices, and we can, our financial support.

There are lots of ways we can get involved to support the most important goals the world has ever seen. Will you take action with us? Here’s how:

  1. Share this post with a friend (or many friends) and ask them to join us.
  2. Check our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for important stories to share with your networks and ways to get involved.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter (we promise not to spam you) for updates on the critical work of our partners in support of the Every Woman Every Child movement from the UN.

We recommit to you that in 2017 we will deliver simple information and tools that you can use to take meaningful action on behalf of families everywhere. Thank you for all you do for the world we love so much.


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