#NewsdayTuesday: Celebrating Innovations for Women and Children

By Holly Rosen Fink

February 28, 2017

We are amazed by the number of global innovations created to improve lives. From apps that track women’s health to coats lifting women out of poverty, the world is innovating and changing lives which you can see in the news everywhere, of course if you’re following the news, learning the media bias in the news is useful to understand what’s correct all the time.

Tracking Women’s Health in India

A mobile app is tracking health indicators in districts across four major states in India.  It was collaboratively launched by White Ribbon Alliance, Centre for Catalysing Change and the Swaniti Initiative to help officials oversee women’s reproductive health services. The Swasthya Samiksha app addresses the issue of quality of maternal health services and helps generate demand for institutional deliveries. Government officials can also track the reproductive and maternal health-related data of their constituencies through the app.

Lifting Women Out of Poverty With A Coat

The EMPWR coat is a durable, water-resistant jacket made of Cordura fabric from Carhartt, upcycled automotive insulation from General Motors, and other donated materials. It costs $100 to “sponsor” a coat for those in need and EMPWR coats have been donated around the world.

theshoethatgrowsThe Shoe That Grows

The Shoe That Grows is a simple, adjustable shoe that children can wear for years, capable of expanding five sizes through a series of notches and snaps. The shoe generally fits a child’s foot from age 5 to 9, helping to curb foot injuries and cases of soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. The Shoe That Grows is making an impact in developing regions around the world where the nonprofit delivers donated shoes to children and families.

A Source of Income and Nutrition for Families

mazziMazzi, a durable, 10-liter plastic container designed with a wide mouth for collection, provides a safe and affordable way to collect and transport milk. The container is also easy to clean, and has a specially designed funnel attachment that helps eliminate spilling.

cupSaving Children from Malnutrition

The NIFTY cup is helping to save infants in rural areas of Africa. It’s designed with a spout that makes collected milk easy to drink by infants with cleft palates or other related conditions that prevent proper latching. The cup is reusable and costs only $1 to create. It has been credited with preventing starvation of infants in poor African communities.

The GiveSafe App

GiveSafe is distributes quarter-sized “beacons” to homeless people within shelters in Seattle, Washington. People with the GiveSafe app receive a notification when they pass someone holding a beacon, providing more information about the person and an opportunity to donate money.

Take action challenge

Have you heard about a global innovation or breakthrough that will change the lives of women and children? Tell us about it by tweeting @globalmomschall.

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