Why We’re Committed to #CleanSeas

By Molly Smith

March 13, 2017

The ocean is everyone’s business. 

UN Environment Programme (UNEP) just announced the #CleanSeas Campaign, to fight the tragic impact of plastics in our seas.

#CleanSeas urges governments to pass plastic reduction policies, minimize the use of plastic in a variety of industries, and calls upon us all as consumers to change our habits. #CleanSeas comes at an important time: it has never been more critical to react to the pollution occurring.

What does #CleanSeas mean for us and our families?

 A few simple actions, tiny changes in your daily life, can make a huge difference. Protecting our seas means protecting our families, and the future of generations to come. #CleanSeas is mobilizing people, governments, and companies everywhere to recognize the risk we face.

Avoiding cosmetics with microbeads is a huge benefit to marine life. Toothpaste, facial scrubs, hand sanitizer, and other personal care items are filled with microplastic particles that harm marine life when ingested. Many companies have already begun reformulating their products to remove microbeads and are committing to safer oceans.

Swapping to reusable bags when shopping is a great step to #CleanSeas – not to mention often being a logistically easier alternative to plastic shopping bags. Investing in a reusable tote not only can make it easier to carry groceries, but there are mamy fashionable options as well.

Bringing your own cup is a great way to cut down on waste. The plastic lining on many disposable cups make it so they cannot be recycled, so it’s even more impactful to bring your own reusable cup when taking coffee or tea to go.

Urge others to do the same! When you see excessive use of plastic, sharing photos or stories with the #CleanSeas hashtag helps raise awareness and pressure.

Header image: UN Photo/Martine Perret


Take Action Challenge

  • Commit to small actions to make a difference and share your experience with the world. The time for #CleanSeas is now, and we have no time to lose. Make your commitment at www.cleanseas.org
  • Watch this video about educating children about the our changing oceans.


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