Starting With the Basics to Build a Better Life

By Brooklyn And Bailey

May 22, 2017

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What do we wish were true for families everywhere?

We wish that families had sufficient food and water because we know how many families are out there who are starving. We know that parents out there want to be able to provide for their children and give them a healthy life and they cannot do that without the necessities like food and water. I know how much my family means to me and how much my parents want to provide a good life for me and that’s always built on basic necessities. Everyone deserves those basic necessities.

I think that education is super important because with education you’re not making a temporary better life, but a permanent better life. Education gives you the ability to get a job, be more successful and make more money through other ventures like trade forex, so that you can have those things like food, water, medicine, health, hygienic supplies—the kind of stuff that really helps you create a better life for you and your children.

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