Why the World Needs Your #EyeOnClimate

By Chandler Green

October 23, 2017

Climate change presents one of the greatest threats to the future of our children and our planet.

Four years ago, a moment of confusion brought me astonishing clarity. I found myself standing in a rocky, barren desert where Iceland’s fourth largest glacier should have been. As I learned, that glacier had been melting the length of a football field every year because of warming caused by climate change.

Witnessing this surprising and incredibly visual impact of global climate change made the issue real to me. Ever since that day, I’ve pursued a career in climate communication to make this issue real for others.

Although climate change presents one of the greatest threats to the future of our children and our planet, many perceive this issue as distant and abstract. Naturally, people who not see climate change as a threat – or see it at all – will not urge politicians to act on climate, support companies taking sustainably seriously or make efforts to reduce their own carbon footprints.

Photo credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

However, 2017 is changing this perception. In the last year alone, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented number of devastating extreme weather events amplified by climate change as well as a new wave of climate advocacy and action from cities, states, and businesses. Put simply, climate change is becoming more immediate and relevant than ever before – and the need for climate action has never been greater.

That’s why this November, when leaders come together at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, Instagram users around the world will come together to share personal reflections of climate change through the #EyeOnClimate campaign. The goal is to fill Instagram feeds across the globe with compelling photos of our environment and testimonies to accelerate the momentum for action. Throughout the month of November, the United Nations Foundation and Climasphere will curate #EyeOnClimate Instagram photos to elevate the perspectives of real users documenting climate change – and we need your help.

To join the global call and become a powerful messenger, simply SNAP, SHARE and SEE.

  1. SNAP an original photo of the impacts of climate change in your community or how your community is working to address it.
  2. SHARE your story by captioning your photo with the hashtag #EyeOnClimate along with a description of where the photo was taken and why climate action matters to you. Remember to set your account to public!
  3. SEE how users around the world have their #EyeOnClimate by following @UNFoundation and @Climasphere.

And of course, encourage your own friends, family and followers to share their stories by spreading the word with the official #EyeOnClimate toolkit.

It’s time to lend your voice, your story, and your testimony for why we need climate action to secure a healthy, safe and prosperous future for families around the world. Whether it’s witnessing extreme weather, seeing sustainable solutions or (unexpectedly) observing glacial retreat, by sharing our #EyeOnClimate, we have the power to make climate change visible and undeniable.

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Banner image: Jill Carlson / Flickr  

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