White Ribbon Alliance Asks #WhatWomenWant

By Cynthia Sularz

April 11, 2018

When discussing health care, girls and women are often told what to think and do.And, they are rarely given agency over their bodies.

#WhatWomenWant aims to change that.

What Women Want launches today, on International Day for Maternal Health and Rights.This campaign aims to hear directly from 1 million women globally about how they define quality healthcare for girls and women. A campaign of the  White Ribbon Alliance, What Women Want, will work to collect responses to their survey throughout 2018. It will then analyze and aggregate their findings to be distributed in 2019.

The findings of the campaign will help organizations like the White Ribbon Alliance determine best practices for providing quality, equitable, and dignified healthcare to girls and women.

Why this campaign?

Approximately 300,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth every year. And another 2.7 million babies die within their first month of life and an equal number are stillborn. This stems from the fact that more than 30 million women deliver without the care of a skilled birth attendant contributing to the rate of death among moms and babies.

Hearing directly from girls women around the globe will help governments, health professionals, private providers and civil society organizations better understand how they can address issues like these and ensure girls and women receive the best care possible. It will also help advocate for change within countries and communities.

The aggregated findings will assist regions better understand their unique needs. This will ensure any policy change, is effective, for it came directly from the women and girls whose lives will change because of it.

Take Action Challenge

  • Fill out the Survey & get your network involved! Your perspective is unique!
  • Share your story! Share a photo or video to help spread the word about what really impacts the lives of women and girls!
  • Use the hashtag #WhatWomenWant to showcase your perspective! Grab the attention of our network and engage in conversation on what quality healthcare means to you.
  • Follow the White Ribbon Alliance on twitter to follow the campaign over the next two years!


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