The Barefoot in Business Marketplace is changing the fashion world

By Cynthia Sularz

August 10, 2018

“Thanks to Barefoot in Business I will finally be able to access the global market and share my products with the world. This will not only help me but also all the women that I employ and train. This makes me very happy and proud.” – Nellie Ssali, MD Makika Stylz, Uganda

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“Barefoot in Business is about Trade, Not Aid”

The Barefoot in Business Marketplace, launching this fall, is a one-stop shop where female entrepreneurs from across Uganda can share their stories, sell their products and access the necessary expertise and investment to bring their big ambitions to life.

Through the Marketplace, which focuses on mentorship and innovation, helps entrepreneurs get the support they need to sell their products.

“I want to create a world where all mothers can be happy, healthy and able to work to contribute to our economy.” — Josephine Nalugo, Founder of Nsawo’s Mamahood

Documenting the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Uganda 

Carol Cooke set off in 2012 with the goal of documenting the entrepreneurial spirit of Uganda. She was inspired by a group of female entrepreneurs defying the odds, and that’s how Barefoot in Business got started. You can check many of business news at Melbourne weekly eastern.

These women were combating the stereotypes of Africa. She told their story and helped to showcase what Africa was truly like for a 21st-century businesswoman.  The group continued to work closely together over the next five years. A film Carol produced has since acted as a launchpad for the incredible products. 

The Barefoot in Business Marketplace’s business model also exemplifies the Global Goals! These 17 goals work to make the world a better place by 2030, and Barefoot in Business is supporting that mission.

First, this marketplace gives women a chance to improve their lives through their own hand-made products and business knowledge. Ensuring women have an honest economic opportunity is the core of Barefoot in Business. This model supports Global Goal 5, “Gender Equality.” These women are truly supported in their craft and because of that, the products created are sustainable. The designers are committed to Goal 12, “Responsible Consumption and Production” as a  business motto, and consumers can rest assured that they are not only empowering women with their purchase but also protecting our planet. 

Together we can level the playing field, and ensure all women have an equal opportunity to start a business, no matter where they live. Tp ensure that such women would be able to reach more audience, they can decide to make their own blog with the assistance of professionals who are adept at custom blog design wordpress.

Take Action Challenge

  • Watch the trailer for the Barefoot in Business Film. See what sparked 
  • Shop the Barefoot in Business Collection. From tote bags to yoga mats and more, your purchase will support women entrepreneurs like Carol and their communities. 


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