Moms +SocialGood

 May 4th, 2017 | New York City, NY


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Moms +SocialGood is a one-day event where we put moms and their families are the center of the conversation. We unite hundreds of passionate experts and advocates to share ideas, inspire action, and tackle some of the world’s most critical challenges facing the well-being of moms and their families around the world.
What do you wish were true for every family, everywhere?

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Meet the Speakers
Zoe Saldana

Award-winning Actress

Kimberly Chandler

Journalist and Philanthropist

Rachel Zoe

CEO, Rachel Zoe, Inc.

Michael Sneed

Worldwide Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs & Chief Communication Officer

Catalina Escobar

Founder, Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation, 2012 CNN Hero

Dr. Vanessa Kerry

CEO and Co-Founder, Seed Global Health

Jamie King

Actress and Activist

Laura Dern

Oscar-nominated Actress and Philanthropist

Anthony Lake

UNICEF Executive Director

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Our Partners

About the Event

United Nations Foundation and Johnson & Johnson created the Moms +SocialGood event in 2013 to prove that, by putting moms and dads at the forefront of discussions with the world’s leading humanitarian organizations, small actions can lead to big changes.

This event helps to kick off the Global Moms Relay, an accompanying digital campaign to raise support for and celebrate the lifesaving work of Girl Up, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, UNFPA, Shot@Life and Nothing But Nets.

Watch highlights from last year’s event below.

Families +SocialGood

June 15, 2017

A one-day event focused on families around the world and their health and well-being.

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Dads +SocialGood

Hosted by Fatherly, the Dads+Social Good summit will take place on Tuesday June 13th at the New York Times Center. Stay tuned for details!

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If you are a member of the press and you have questions, or would like to attend this event, please contact Raki Wane at rwane [at] You can also find a copy of our press release here.