Kupona Foundation

Kupona Foundation


Kupona Foundation (Kupona) is a nonprofit committed to unlocking the potential of people and communities living in poverty in Tanzania. It starts by improving their access to quality, comprehensive healthcare.

Kupona’s vision and mission are directly aligned with its sister organization, CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania), a leading provider of affordable, high quality healthcare in Tanzania. Together, they fuse sustainable strategies and transparent practices with deep rooted local expertise to direct resources to programs with the greatest potential for long term change.

Kupona’s collaborative partnership with CCBRT gives individuals and institutions in the United States the opportunity to foster direct, local impact, empowering people and communities to realize their full potential. Kupona convenes a community of donors, technical experts, advocates and volunteers to find and support creative ways to mobilize resources and activate awareness, with a view to enabling CCBRT’s life changing programs and sustainable growth.

Through the power of partnership, Kupona aims to change the face of healthcare in Tanzania, and set people and communities on the road to a brighter future.

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